For individuals living with celiac disease, those who are gluten intolerant, and those looking to live gluten-free, some of the biggest challenges in managing digestive health come with trying to determine and track what to eat, and finding an effective way to link digestive health symptoms to diet. As well, it is often difficult to wade through the large volume of information available on gut health to determine what’s credible and what’s not.

Next month signals the launch of the new, highly anticipated release of MyHealthyGut, our innovative digestive health app made specifically for those who want accessible, useable, scientifically validated information to improve their digestive health.

The app was developed through a collaboration between a tech innovator, leading gut health experts and a PhD researcher specializing in digestive health. MyHealthyGut’s nutritional and lifestyle programs are peer-reviewed and validated in a randomized control trial. As well, the Canadian Celiac Association supported the initial build of the app and research.

MyHealthyGut is a dietitian-in-your pocket solution that gives you anytime, anywhere access to:

  • Delicious therapeutic meal plans and recipes for celiac, gluten-intolerance, and gluten-free living.
  • A database to identify healing foods, safe foods and unsafe foods to help pinpoint symptom triggers in your diet.
  • A simple way to create and share grocery lists for easy gluten-free shopping.
  • Intuitive food journaling and symptom tracking.
  • A powerful reporting function to get a snapshot of your progress over time, and share logged information with healthcare providers.
  • An interactive Q&A Bot and Health Coach guidance.
  • Daily tips and a database of research and information, shared by experts  credible gut health information, all in one place.
  • Access to exclusive in-app blogs and partner offers.
“MyHealthyGut is extremely user friendly and will empower individuals to find a link between their diet and gastrointestinal symptoms. The app provides realistic tips for managing a lifelong gluten-free diet and may certainly increase quality of life for individuals with these tools and information at their fingertips.”

The new iOS version of MyHealthyGut, coming soon on the App Store!